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Nutritional Coaching
in Zurich and Online

Individual nutritional advice so that you can achieve your long-term health goals.

This is how I can support you: 

  • Individual nutritional coaching session 180 CHF/h

  • Game Changer Program, 3 months, 690 CHF

  • Ketogenic nutritional advice.

I am registered with ASCA and accredited under the supplementary health insurance scheme.

Nutritional advice in Zurich or online

Game Changer Program

3 months



Weight optimization

blood pressure patients

Energy optimization

General health

  • Personal online coaching and 1:1 support

  • A total of 5 video calls in 3 months

  • Unlimited WhatsApp support for 3 months

  • Complete nutritional analysis (food diary)

  • Individualized, goal-oriented nutrition planning

  • Recognized by health insurance (via supplementary insurance)

Or do you want to get started with the keto diet?

Then take a look at my tailor-made program for the long-term implementation of a ketogenic or carbohydrate-restrictive diet and find out whether it is suitable for you and your metabolic situation.


The benefits of nutritional coaching

You want to sustainably improve your health and quality of life? Eating behavior has a high influence, not only on body weight, but is also the basis for long-term health. An analysis of your current diet and a conscious change in diet can have lasting positive effects. As a nutritionist, I will accompany you over several weeks and months to improve your eating habits.

My coaching is very individual and based on your level of knowledge about nutrition, as well as current scientific findings. Through long-term support, we can observe together how certain foods influence your wellbeing and your energy level and how to improve it. Building a healthy relationship with food is crucial.


Nutritional advice

Advice on all nutritional concerns for athletes, health-conscious individuals and people with chronic diseases

Fatty acid analysis

Targeted elimination of silent inflammation by taking a holistic view of the body's own fatty acid profile

Metabolic analysis

Looking at your blood sugar level provides valuable information about the state of your metabolism

Skin fold measurement

Measuring 13 skin folds provides information on the progress of fat burning and the hormonal situation

Elimination diets

Effective intervention by specifically eliminating certain foods for intolerances and intestinal problems

Ketogenic diet

Implemented correctly, the best method for sustainably optimizing fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity

Blood analysis

Laboratory analyzes support the definition of suitable measures, because what is not measured is rarely changed.

Take the first step to becoming your best version.

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