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Outperform You:
Mental and Physical
Excellence in 12 weeks

Optimize your performance, your energy level and your health over the next 12 weeks with my proven concept. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Mental Performance

Optimize your mental performance

at work and in everyday life.

Physical Performance

More energy and performance in your life, be it with the family, at work or in your free time.


Strengthen your immune system and lay the foundation for a healthy and active life.

Would you like to be able to achieve more again?

Do you often feel drained and wish you had more energy in your everyday life and at work? Would you like to feel fitter and more efficient, both mentally and physically? With my proven 12-week concept “Outperform You”, I will support you in achieving exactly these goals.

Who benefits from my program?

This program is particularly suitable for men and women over 40 who are not just looking for a short fitness high, but who want to be more productive and efficient in their work and everyday life long-term. It is intended for those who value a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being and recognize the importance of sustainable health optimization as they age.


No matter whether you want to feel fitter, look better or simply take preventive care for your future health, this program is your path to lasting transformation.

The success factors for greater performance

Nutritional advice

Individually tailored nutritional strategy

After a detailed analysis of your eating habits, I will create an individual strategy for you. This focuses on long-term health and performance and creates the basis for physical and mental progress.


Targeted strength and endurance training

We strengthen and build your muscles with targeted, functional exercises. This not only promotes your general fitness, but also takes your overall physical and mental performance to a new level.

Lifestyle advice in Zurich

Continuous monitoring and adjustment

We gain insights into your health through blood sugar level and fatty acid analyses. With regular check-ins, we track your progress and adjust strategies to ensure optimal results.


"I have never been so productive! Thanks to working with Ueli and his extensive knowledge, I was able to make enormous progress."

Marco customer review Optimize performance

Marco Heinemann

Manager - Data Management

"You are the best coach for an academic. I have never had a coach like you, you are extremely motivating and I am full of energy!"

Paulina Customer Review Outperform You

Paulina Barrena

Senior Product Manager
Swiss Re

"What really excites me is the fact that I'm sleeping better than I have in years and that I have more energy than ever before!"

Jonathan Customer Review Personal Training

Jonathan Campbell

Co-Founder, COO/CFO
hystrix medical AG

Outperform You at a glance

What you receive during the 12 weeks:

Personal support

Individual care and support throughout the entire process to ensure you are successful.

Personal training

Tailored training sessions based on your fitness level to build your performance.

Fixed dates

Scheduled sessions provide structure and commitment, which are essential to the success of the program.

Health monitoring

Your progress is continuously monitored using blood sugar level analyzes and other relevant tests.

Nutrition analysis

An analysis of your current eating habits, including the creation of individual nutrition plans.

Resources & training

Providing materials on various topics for comprehensive understanding.

Fitness Coach: Ueli

Inspired by my years in Australia, I discovered my passion for nutrition and strength training. As a qualified nutritional therapist and master trainer from the renowned Dr. Gottlob Institute I combine in-depth knowledge with practical experience. My approach questions common nutritional myths and focuses on a holistic view of nutrition and fitness. I support my clients in achieving their physical and mental goals.

Your coach, personal trainer, Ueli Lanz

The Next Steps


Fill out the contact form and register for a non-binding conversation.

Preliminary Conversation

We talk on the phone together for about 15 minutes and discuss your goals.

Trial Training

If the program fits, I invite you to a free trial training.

Take the first step to becoming your best version.

Sign up for a free phone call. Simply fill out the contact form.

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