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Group Training Zurich for your STRONG Future

The STRONG group training takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in Zurich. With STRONG you won't become a fitness model, a bodybuilder or a marathon runner. My training goal is that also in 10, 20 or 50 years you will have a top-functioning and well performing body that allows you to lead an active and independent lifestyle.


Suitable for every Fitness Level

  • perfect complement to other sports

  • in small groups and individual support

  • is varied and fun

  • all energy systems are trained

  • all body regions are trained

  • every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m

  • from 25.- per training (depending on subscription)


Group Training Prices




1 training session (1h)

Valid for 3 months

5 Session Pass



5 training units of 1 hour each

CHF 28 per session

Valid for 6 months

10 Session Pass



10 training units of 1 hour each

CHF 27 per session

Valid for 12 months

20 Session Pass



20 training units of 1 hour each

CHF 25 per session

Valid for 12 months

Muscle Building

With STRONG you strengthen your body for functional demands in everyday life and achieve real and sustainable muscle building, not a short-term inflated ego cushion.


To be in good shape, you don't need hours of monotonous cardio training. With the STRONG group classes you can also effectively train your heart.

Fat Loss

Due to the high volume and short breaks, STRONG training is ideal for effective fat loss. So if a lean body is your goal, then you've come to the right place.

Core Strength

Often neglected and underdeveloped in many of us; Core stability integrates wonderfully and (almost) unnoticed into the STRONG group training.

Grip Strength

Good grip strength correlates directly with better health, helps prevent fall injuries and generally supports you in everyday life when carrying objects.

Combination with personal training

The STRONG group training is both the perfect combination with or alternative to Personal Training with me. The group classes are highly effective and tailored to every training level. Through a parkour that all participants go through, the training can be tailored to individual endurance and strength.

Three reasons to get involved


The parkour is created and led by me, a professional personal trainer. The workouts are tailored to the needs and skills of each individual within the group.


You don't train alone in the gym and are motivated by the whole group. 60 minutes of sweating together and pushing yourself to the limit.

Fixed dates

With one or two fixed appointments a week, there are no more excuses not to focus on your goals and improve your fitness.


“Great and balanced training! Ueli responds individually to the needs of the participants and the training level! Professional support, highly recommended!"


"Strong group training that puts you in a good mood!"


"Great program for everyone. Ueli addresses each participant individually and adapts the respective exercises to their individual performance level. Highly recommended!"


training in einer kleingruppe im kreis 4 in zürich


Train with us and become part of our STRONG community

STRONG group training

@Soul City

Dienerstrasse 10
8004 Zurich​

The Next Steps


Fill out the contact form and register for a trial training session.

Trial Training

I invite you to a free trial training session, either on Tuesday or Thursday.


If you like the group training, there are various subscription options.

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