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Lose weight in Zurich in 12 weeks

Get in Shape: In 12
Weeks to your Dream Body

Start your journey to a comfortable weight with targeted training and nutrition for visible results in just 12 weeks. Sign up for a free trial training.

Fat Loss

Achieve your dream body sustainably and without

constant feeling of hunger

Muscle Building


Strengthen and shape your body through building lean mass for a better wellbeing and health

Receive individual and professional support on your way to your goal

Do you want to lose weight sustainably?

With the “Get In Shape” program, I do not only support you in achieving your desired weight, but also in staying fit and healthy long term. Together we set realistic goals and create a balance between nutrition and training so that you feel comfortable in your skin every day.

Who benefits from my program?

The "Get In Shape" program was developed specifically for women between the ages of 30 and 45 who want to transform their physique and and lay the foundation for long-term health at the same time. It is ideal for those who have tried many things but still have difficulty losing weight sustainably and keeping it off. With commitment and motivation, you will not only learn to change your diet and training habits, but also enjoy the benefits of professional support.


This program is aimed at those who do not only want to see short-term results, but also feel the desire to optimize their health and fitness long-term.

Three factors to your dream body

Strength training with weights

Targeted Training

Strength and endurance training, individually tailored to you, increases your athletic performance as well as your everyday energy. This leads to visible and
lasting results.

Nutritional advice

Nutrition Optimization

By carefully analyzing your eating habits, we develop an individual and effective nutritional strategy that will bring you closer to your goals and help you maintain them in the long term.

Lifestyle advice in the studio

Professional Support

We adapt to changing circumstances with regular check-ins. With my ongoing support, you will stay motivated, stay on track and overcome challenges with confidence.


If you are serious about your training, Ueli is a great partner! I have been training with him since February 2023 and really like his approach. The investment was absolutely worth it!

Lorena B.

"With Ueli's pragmatic advice, I easily lost 13kg, without having to think about food every day or toil for hours in the gym."

Zeljko S.

"It was the best decision to bring in an experienced specialist like Ueli. With his advice, I achieved in 6 months what I had not been able to achieve in the last few years."

Eugene D.C.

Get in Shape at a glance

What you receive during the 12 weeks:

Personal support

Individual care and support throughout the entire process to ensure you are successful.

Personal training

Tailored training based on your current fitness level to help you lose weight and build muscle for long-term success.

Fixed dates

Scheduled sessions provide structure and commitment, which are essential to the success of the program.

Progress analysis

Regular check-ins and analysis to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed so we achieve your goals.

Nutrition optimization

Learn how to eat to effectively nourish your body, lose fat and build muscle.


Providing information on topics such as macronutrients, grocery shopping and more to support real lifestyle changes.

Your Coach: Ueli

Inspired by my years in Australia, I discovered my passion for nutrition and strength training. As a qualified nutritional therapist and master trainer from the renowned Dr. Gottlob Institute I combine in-depth knowledge with practical experience. My approach questions common nutritional myths and focuses on a holistic view of nutrition and fitness. I support my clients in achieving their physical and mental goals.

Ueli Lanz personal trainer in district 4

The Next Steps


Fill out the contact form and register for a non-binding conversation.

Preliminary Conversation

We talk on the phone together for about 15 minutes and discuss your goals.

Trial Training

If the program fits, I invite you to a free trial training.

Take the first step to becoming your best version.

Sign up for a free phone call. Simply fill out the contact form.

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