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"It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate have prevailed." -Charles Darwin

A single coach alone is never able to understand the complexity of health issues holistically and completely.


An important part of my success concept is therefore active exchange within my network. I invest a lot of time in maintaining my network and am able to continually develop myself and therefore also offer my customers more diverse perspectives.


This also allows me to refer my customers to other specialists on specific topics outside of my core competencies who I know have the same understanding of the highest quality standards as I do.

On this page you will find a selection of great personalities, coaches and companies with whom I actively cooperate and work.

Sport mental work

Nico supports and accompanies athletes with sport mental coaching and brain training on the path to personal success in a goal- and practice-oriented manner.

European Keto Live Center

The EKLC is an internationally active organization and platform for scientific exchange and the application of ketogenic metabolic therapy in nutritional medicine.


The SAKMT is a non-profit organization for the scientific development and promotion of ketogenic metabolic therapies in Switzerland.

(I am a founding member)

Orsolya Szathmari
Orsolya Szathmari

Orsolya is a highly qualified nutritional therapist who specializes in the use of the PKD (Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet) as a form of therapy for various diseases.

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