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ketogenic nutrition advice Zurich

Nutritional Coaching

Optimize your ketogenic diet with my tailored online coaching for optimal health, sustained energy and the best possible results. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Energy & Clarity

Optimal Health

Individual Coaching

Increased mental clarity and stable energy throughout the day, without blood sugar lows

Reduce inflammation, insulin resistance, blood pressure and improve numerous chronic conditions.

A ketogenic nutrition plan and practical implementation, individual for you and your goals

Implement keto diet long-term?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the contradictory advice about the ketogenic diet on the internet or from friends? Want to get the full benefits of a low-carb diet? With my ketogenic nutritional coaching you will receive clear instructions and support to follow your optimal path with confidence and success.

Who benefits from my coaching?

Ketogenic nutritional coaching is particularly suitable for people who want to consciously and sustainably change their diet in order to get profound health benefits. Whether you are new to the keto lifestyle or already have some experience, if you're looking for an effective, customized approach based on science and practical experience, this coaching is for you. I will accompany you step by step to avoid stumbling blocks and ensure that you achieve your set goals.

Three factors for changing your diet

Nutrition plan Zurich

Individual customization

Every person is unique, and so is my approach to the ketogenic diet. Through individual coaching and analysis of your goals and requirements, we ensure that you will be successful.

scientific literature

Based on Science

My concept is based on current scientific findings and years of practical experience. This ensures that you not only see quick results, but also get the long-term benefits of the ketogenic diet.

KEB 4588.jpg

Continuous support

It's not enough to just know how to start, the journey is just as important. I will be at your side throughout the entire transition to clarify questions, overcome challenges and continually motivate you.


"When I was looking for a nutrition coach who was familiar with the ketogenic diet, I came across Ueli Lanz. Ueli scores with broad knowledge, non-dogmatic methods, empathy, honesty and the ability to respond individually to his counterpart. I immediately felt understood and received a lot of valuable input for my further nutrition and fitness journey."

Claudia K.

"After years of high carbohydrate consumption, Ueli's individualized advice helped me to massively increase my fat burning without my performance in strength training decreasing. More importantly: this was achieved without energy drops or feelings of hunger! After a strict phase in ketosis, I can now build muscle and lean weight even faster and easier."

Danielle P.

Keto nutritional coaching at a glance

What you get during the 3 to 6 months:

Nutrition analysis

A detailed examination of your current eating habits to make targeted improvements.

Metabolic monitoring

Using blood sugar level analyzes and
other metrics will show your progress
continuously monitored and adjusted.

Practical implementation

Learn all about macronutrients,
Grocery shopping and how to effectively implement the ketogenic diet.

Ketosis tracking

Tools provided allow you to measure and monitor ketosis so you stay in the optimal range for you.

Individual nutrition plan

Get a customized and modular nutrition plan that integrates seamlessly into your everyday life.

Permanent support

Benefit from individual coaching and
daily support to sustainably achieve your goals.

My Experience

As a qualified nutritional therapist, the carbohydrate-restrictive and ketogenic diet is my great passion. It is important to me to make my contribution in this area so that the world finally understands that it is not a trend or fad diet but one of the most useful interventions for optimal health. In the field of metabolic health, I am very well connected internationally with the best scientists and doctors. As a coach, my job is to translate the scientific findings into actionable advice. This is how I support my customers in achieving their health goals.

Ueli Lanz Zurich

The Next Steps


Fill out the contact form and register for a non-binding conversation.

Preliminary Conversation

We talk on the phone together for about 15 minutes and discuss your goals.

Coaching Start

If the program fits, we will then start the coaching and transform your health.

Take the first step to becoming your best version.

Register for a free consultation.

Simply fill out the contact form.

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